Personal Concierge

Personal Concierge

Licensed as a Broker/Realtor in GA and TN, we have developed a concierge approach to Real Estate and a higher level of service we call Modern Rustic Living. We take the time to sit down with you and really understand what you want in your next home, how much you want to spend and what is most important to you.  We also provide you with the information you need to help you make an informed decision.  It all starts with the “Green Sheet”, which is a short questionnaire that helps us better understand your needs, wants and desires for your new home.  Here are some examples:

Last Home Has To Be Perfect

These clients wanted to move from Florida to the North Georgia Mountains.  They had some specific design and feature requirements they wanted for their new home and thus came to us thinking they would choose “New Construction” as the direction they wanted to go.  However, after learning what they wanted to build would be way over their stated budget, we suggested that it might be a good idea to look at some existing homes to see if we could find a home that would meet all or most of their design and feature requirements. 

After looking at several homes, it became apparent we were not going to find a home that met all their requirements, within the budget they wanted.  Determined to find a solution that would balance budget, with a feature rich design, we came up with a solution that did just that.  We found a home on several acres, on a private cul-de-sac that had been abandoned by the builder.  It had a good roof on it and most of the windows and doors but no interior or exterior finish. 

We were able to purchase the land and the home “as is” for an incredibly low price, giving us the advantage we needed to give this client what they wanted.  We partnered with a local Architectural Designer and Builder to make a few design modifications and were able to finish the home well under their budget.  The end result of this creative solution was another happy client.  

High Profile Client 

These clients had always dreamed of living in a log or rustic home and came to us in search of both land and a design/build solution.  They wanted acreage and plenty of room to ride four-wheelers with their family.  They also needed to be near an airport to accommodate the husband's rigorous travel schedule.  Upon completing the “Green Sheet” and better understanding the financial dynamics of this client, we suggested a purchase in TN, where no state income tax would be  greatly beneficial.  The client agreed and we began our search.  A series of personal family events with this client created some delays in their availability to look at property.  So much so that they decided they did not want to take the time to build their new home and wanted a more immediate solution by finding an existing home that met all or most of their requirements.  We did just that!  We found them a 6,000 sq. ft. log home, on 40 acres of land, just minutes from an airport in Tennessee.  Another happy customer.  

Private Family Compound

These clients wanted to move from the New England area, somewhere north of Atlanta.  They wanted acreage with mountain views, a water feature, lots of privacy and a place to enjoy the outdoors.  Combining a water feature and mountain views created the challenge.  After looking at several properties, we concluded nothing listed on the local Multiple Listing Service provided us what we wanted.  Not willing to let that deter us, we began searching for and calling the owners of unlisted property that might be willing to sell.  We quickly found a parcel of land, north of Atlanta, that had everything our clients wanted.  Tracking down the owner was the next challenge.  Finding the owner in Japan on a business trip, we made an offer to purchase the land.  He accepted our first offer and we were able to partner with a local Architectural Designer and Builder to build their dream home.  Another happy client.